Riverbar & Kitchen, Brisbane


The Great Aussie BBQ

January 23, 2015

Let me start by apologising for my absence of late - it’s been a pretty wild start to the year, and I for one am in serious need of a detox.

In saying that, I think I might just have to have one final fling before I give the old liver a rest for a few weeks. No Australian worth their salt would miss out on celebrating God’s own country on Australia Day, and I am no exception… especially when Riverbar & Kitchen have gone all out to make sure this year’s party is more epic than ever before!


You’ll catch me down there from 12pm, indulging in some good old fashioned tucker from the barbie and finding myself a perch from where to enjoy the live entertainment all afternoon. There’ll be a limited edition Aus Day cocktail and ginger beer slushies from the pop up bar, as well as buckets of craft beer for all you blokes and sheilas to enjoy.

In even better news, RBK will also be hosting it’s annual Australia Day Thong Throwing competition. I’m a bit of a legend round these parts for my thong throwing abilities, so I’ll be at the front of the queue fighting to hold on to my title. Who dares take me on?!

It’s going to be a ripper of a day guys - see you down there!



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